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"Give us the right tools, and we’ll finish the job."
Winston Churchill (1941)

My name is Peter Gargano and I’m the founder of Ultimate Tool, Inc. I started the company on a simple premise: any job is easier if you’ve got the right tools.

For more than two decades, I’ve been a practicing craftsman involved with a wide variety of projects. Over the past few years, I also trained other craftsmen in the best practices for installing a new brand of engineered flooring. Many of today’s modern flooring products require specialized tools to aid in the installation process. However, I quickly discovered that the varying quality and limited availability of the tools I encountered actually made most jobs harder not easier.

Out of necessity I started experimenting with my own prototypes and began using them in my demonstrations. Soon the installers I trained in my seminars started asking me where they could buy a set of custom tools like mine. At first, my answer was simply nowhere – all my tools were one-of-a-kind, fabricated by me. After enough requests, the light went on; I formed Ultimate Tool, Inc.

Now all my tools are available on this website. My tools are unlike any currently available on the market and I’m confident, that once you use them on your job, you will be happy with both the superior design and the quality of my products.

Ultimate Tool, Inc. is interested in making better tools. If you have an idea for a tool that does not exist or is currently available in a poorly designed form, please contact me. I’m always interested in developing great ideas for great tools.

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